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4 Countries Trip – Zim, Moz, Swaziland, SA

Day 1: To Mussina 9 days, 3,600km, 4 countries, 6 bikes, one backup vehicle and 9 adventurers. That is the total sum of our recce ride to Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Swaziland and back to South Africa. But the trip was so much more than just that! It was a trip with lots of laughter, fun, adventure and strengthening old and new friendships. An awesome trip which we will remember for a long time! We started off…

4 Step Chain Maintenance

Motorcycle chain maintenance, along with oil changes and tire maintenance is a vital part of safe riding. Chains are responsible for the crucial task of transferring power from the engine to the rear wheel. An ignored chain will eventually fail, most of the times by breaking. A broken chain often balls up around the countershaft and front sprocket, ripping and tearing through the soft aluminium motor. This will always result in engine damage, either from…


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